Why It Works

No customers?

No business.

No feedback?

No clue.

Any company in the business of serving consumers is operating in the dark – without a clue – if they don’t understand the needs of their customers.

The online and offline worlds have morphed into one another. The difference which once existed between these two realms has now fully dissolved – and consumer expectations have changed accordingly. Smartphones and mobile devices have empowered today’s consumers with the same level of convenience, connectivity and information formerly accessible only online.

FeedbackPayback helps you seize this transitional momentum to achieve the following:

  1. Access a universe of previously inaccessible consumer feedback
  2. Gain instant insight into the hearts and minds of your consumers
  3. Develop long-term, one-to-one relationships with your consumers
  4. Transform unstructured, raw consumer feedback into actionable information
  5. Fully align your business with customer expectations

Let’s talk a bit more about some of these fundamental elements.

The Inaccessible Universe

Consumers have opinions about every ‘consumer’ experience.

At a store…

Consumers will have opinions on items that were out of stock or weren’t available.  They either don’t make a purchase or end up buying a ‘replacement’ item – which shows up in your revenue numbers, but doesn’t show the erosion of customer confidence and loyalty which is occurring.  They will have opinions on the prices, selection, cleanliness, service – every aspect of their shopping experience will register with them long before they check out at the register.

At a restaurant…

Consumers’ experience will be impacted by everything that occurs from the time they arrive to the time they leave.  As it is with every ‘consumer’ experience, everything matters, everything has an impact, everything shapes their perception on if they will return.  Food, service, price, selection – and every aspect of each aspect – determines their level of satisfaction and if they will return.

At a hotel…

Consumers will have opinions about everything from the reservation process, to the cleanliness of the room, to the comfort of the bed – and everything in between. Unhappy customers may complain on a review site, but the feedback isn’t actionable – that customer is irretrievable. Venting to the front-desk staff, might address the problem in the moment, but doesn’t build a long-term relationship with your customer. Instead, with FeedbackPayback, you provide your customers with a discreet method of directly communicating with you. They’re instantly rewarded with incentives of your choice… and you now have the opportunity to remain connected with them through their mobile phone – soliciting their input about upcoming promotions, providing them with return incentives and building a relationship over time.

On The Phone…

For companies with phone-centric customer interaction – Cable and Internet Providers, Financial Services, Insurance, Mobile, Technology, etc – our mobile feedback platform helps you engage customers like never before possible. Instead of having customers ‘wait for a survey at the end of a call’ or emailing one which becomes buried in their inbox, you can now instantly text a survey, incentivize their response with discounts and promotions… and build ongoing relationships where they know you listen and respond.

At any kind of business…

Whatever your business, if you have customers, they have feedback – and it’s the lifeblood of your business. Understanding what they want, what they value, what they need, what they will and won’t purchase – and understanding the reasons why – determines how fully aligned you are with your customers. The more your business reflects and meets their needs – and the more they know you care and have built your business around their needs – the more loyal they will become… and the more they’ll tell their friends.

However, gaining access to this feedback is an entirely different matter.

With FeedbackPayback, you get access to the consumer feedback which was never before possible.

Hearts and Minds

Every consumer has feedback.  Their feedback reveals if they will return – and determines if you will succeed.

However, getting real feedback is really difficult.

– What’s their incentive?
– What’s in it for them?

While your success depends on how well you understand and meet their needs, they have options.  If you fail to deliver, they simply move on to your competition.

With FeedbackPayback, it’s literally like you’re walking alongside your customer as they’re in your store, asking for their feedback.  And at the end of that brief discussion, you give them a coupon.

By the way – once they know you actually care, that you’ve rewarded their feedback, respected their time and made it simple, they’ll tell their friends – and they’ll return.

FeedbackPayback provides you with a bridge to transform your customer relationships into long-term partnerships, ongoing connections where you can solicit their input on new ideas, texting coupons or incentives for upcoming promotions, engaging in dialogue with them on an ongoing basis.

The possibilities are endless for building sustainable, enduring customer relationships.

Feedback, Data, Insight

With FeedbackPayback, building long-term, thriving customer relationships isn’t the end, it’s the beginning.

It starts with feedback.  It transforms into data… but gleaning meaningful insight across an entire customer base is an entirely different matter.

As you begin to gain insight into your customers’ deeper perceptions, their underlying motivations, their reasons for action, you will not only strengthen your individual customer relationships, but build a platform for rethinking your entire customer relationship strategy.  Indeed, your entire enterprise.

From sourcing to pricing, every step along the value chain across your enterprise will be transformed once you more fully understand what your customers want, why they want what they want… and what will make them return.

In the bigger picture, just imagine what kinds of previously unseen patterns will begin to emerge when you view the consolidated global feedback of your entire customer base.

Using your Feedback Data Management dashboard, you will gain access to our entire suite of intelligence tools for viewing, analyzing and managing your customer feedback across a series of user-defined metrics.

For a deeper understanding of our Data Management Services, click here