Who We Are

Sure, we’re business strategists.

Our backgrounds are in management consulting, consumer business, business intelligence and a variety of related disciplines – having worked with clients around the globe to help solve their most pressing operational and strategic challenges.  All of which sounds nice, but doesn’t really matter to you.  The only credential which matters is this:

We are consumers, first and foremost.

We started FeedbackPayback because, as consumers, we’re your worst nightmare.

We’re also your best friend.

If we don’t like your business – your store, your restaurant, your hotel, etc – we won’t flame you on Facebook, we won’t vent on Yelp.  We’re not the kind of people who will tell your in-store employees what we really think about your products, service or selection.

We’re busy.

If we can’t find what we want or aren’t satisfied, we probably won’t bother coming back.  If we don’t like the service or food or amenities, we won’t vent to your employees, we simply won’t return.

We also aren’t the kind of consumer who goes home and prints coupons to redeem on our next visit.  We won’t complete a customer satisfaction survey emailed to us… buried in our inbox… which we probably won’t see for days or weeks after our visit to your business.

Where some customers may give you a second chance, we probably won’t.

You won’t know if we were unhappy or what you could have done to fix the situation.

Perhaps even more concerning, you won’t know if we’re happy and why we will return.

Unfortunately, we’re not alone.

This is the reality beneath your performance data, the raw material of your revenue results.

Promotions and discounts won’t get us to return to a business that failed to meet our needs, left us disappointed or wasted our time.

  • You see a spike in sales, but misinterpret the data.
  • You see revenue decreasing, but aren’t sure why.
  • You see sales stagnating, despite efforts to incentivize consumer demand.
  • You can’t determine the percentage of satisfied spend, loyalty erosion or which customers will return.

At FeedbackPayback, we will help you gain unprecedented insight into the hearts and minds of your consumers.


We’ll help you understand the underlying consumer perception and behavior which will shape your future results.


Most importantly, we give you a chance to understand the present and change the future.


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