How It Works

FeedbackPayback is as easy as…

  • Consumers text your FeedbackPayback shortcode to opt-in
  • Your survey is instantly texted to them
  • Your coupon is instantly texted to their phone upon completion

Simple.  Logical.  Intuitive.

Consumers are incentivized to provide feedback via SMS text survey on their in-store experience, then instantly rewarded with coupons, discounts and other return-to-shop incentives sent directly to their mobile phone.

Consumers and smartphones…

    • 79% use their smartphones to help with shopping
    • 74% use their smartphones to help make a purchase
    • 70% use their smartphones while in store

These statistics are from a recent Google/Ipsos OTX survey and point to an emerging consumer behavior reality reflecting “…the varied purchase paths that often begin online or on their phones and brings consumers to the store”.  You can see more detail from the survey here

More significantly…

Why is this happening?
What does this mean to you?
How can you tap into this potential?

For a deeper dive on why this is happening and why this works, click here.  However, the short version is this: online and offline have morphed into one.  It’s outmoded and out-of-step with the consumer mindset to think of these realms as anything other than one in the same.

The form factor of contemporary mobile devices and the speed at which they operate – 4G v. broadband – is dissolving the distinction between accessing information ‘online’ and ‘on-the-go’.

Today’s consumers are just like yesterday’s consumers, the only difference is that they are instantly empowered with unlimited information and unlimited choice.

A generation of ‘online shopping’ has led to consumers seamlessly navigating options, comparisons and alternatives.  It’s enabled them to quickly compare prices, effortlessly validate with friends and easily parse consumer feedback beyond their peer circle.

And it’s completely changed your business.

Of course, you already know this.

And here’s another thing which you already know:

Consumers walk through your store almost like they’re clicking through your website, literally navigating your offline business like your online business. This drives their expectations for navigation and convenience, as well as price comparison, selection and availability.

And their smartphone serves as the tethering device which makes this possible.

The above statistics – 79%, 74%, 70% – these are powerful indicators that consumers are using their phones to connect with the universe of information to which they’ve become accustomed.  When they’re in your store, hotel, restaurant – your place of business – they are connecting with others, looking for information, educating themselves on their options, validating their purchase decision… and one other thing:

They’re sharing their feedback

  • It might be with friends on Facebook
  • They might be posting an online review
  • They might be Tweeting, Pinning or Instagramming

But whatever they’re doing, they’re sharing it with others.

Imagine if they shared this feedback with you.

What kind of impact could that have on your business?

What decisions might you make differently about inventory, merchandise, options, amenities, pricing, promotions, employee practices, policies, discounts, distribution – literally every element of your business would be impacted by this consumer feedback.

If only you could get your consumers to give you this feedback.

It’s not that you don’t ask consumers for feedback.  But honestly – what’s in it for them?

Even though their feedback is the lifeblood of your business, the success of your business isn’t really their business – it’s just not that important to them.

  • They have options
  • They’re busy

And if you want to know what they think, then make it worth their while.

Quick.  Efficient.  Instant

  • Not an emailed survey, buried in their inbox
  • Not a coupon they have to print – and remember to bring next time
  • Not a number they have to call
  • Not a pick-list survey ranking “things” instead of gaining insight
  • Not an in-store employee who consumers don’t believe can affect change
  • And not just the opinions of those customers who buy.

With FeedbackPayback, you’ll gain insight into the thought bubbles above the head of every consumer.  Those who buy.  Those who leave disappointed.

This is the permafrost of consumer opinion.

This will enable you to tap into information which was never before accessible.  It will help you understand what’s working, what needs to change, what the future can look like if you’re more fully aligned with your customers’ point-of-view… and what the future will look like if you fail to take decisive action.

Feeback isn’t an episode, it’s an ongoing narrative.

And it should be an ongoing discussion with you and your consumer.

The feedback you receive from a consumer lifts the veil, opens the door.  Sure, you could just text them a coupon one time, then spam them with ads until they opt out.

Instead, with FeedbackPayback, you’re empowered to transform this relationship.  An entire universe of communication is now open to you with your consumers:

  • Text coupons or incentives for upcoming promotions
  • Crowdsource new ideas
  • Solicit ongoing feedback
  • Have a follow-up call, text exchange or email
  • Build a relationship with your customers

This is so far beyond the limited confines of permission marketing. The possibilities for you to build enduring relationships – partnerships – with your consumers is limited only by your imagination, creativity and commitment.

You determine how you want to communicate with your consumers. We provide the continuous bridge, the personal and unprecedented access.

It’s relationship building with your consumers – one at a time, time after time, over time.

To learn more about why FeedbackPayback will transform your business, click here