Getting Started

Feedback Data Management

It all begins with a conversation.

At FeedbackPayback, we’re easy.

Pay as you go.
Continue if it works.


We earn our keep every day.

Just like your customers demand of you.


Our pricing is simple, too:



You manage your investment level as you go along.  Once you turn on the faucet of consumer feedback, you are in control of how or if it’s slowed down or turned off. We will work with you to manage the process:

  • Reviewing your consumer feedback.
  • Measuring the impact it provides
  • Deciding if we need to change the questions
  • Redesigning the survey to elicit new insights

There is no limit to the possibilities.

From a systems perspective, we may need to handshake with your enterprise systems architecture, particularly your point-of-sale interface.  This may require some level of enterprise integration, depending on your environment and objectives. However:

We have designed FeedbackPayback to be interoperable with most every contemporary POS architecture.

If you want hooks into your broader systems architecture, we’ll talk with you about what – if anything – might be required. Not a big deal, easily manageable, entirely based on your needs and objectives.

There’s no hidden agenda.
No hidden fees.
It starts with a conversation.
And will grow into a thriving business relationship

We’re confident that once you begin to experience the incalculable value of unprecedented insight into the hearts and minds of your consumers, you’ll want to keep us around.

Data Management Services

Once you begin to gain insight into your customers’ feedback, you will likely want to perform more robust analytics.

With our enhanced Data Management Services, you will be empowered to slice, dice, parse, partition and drill down into your consumer feedback across a universe of criteria which you define – and redefine – as you gain deeper insight.

Either on a unit or subscription basis, we will work with you to determine the optimal structure for your needs.

Just as it is with you and your customers, it all begins with a conversation.

Once we have a deeper understanding of your environment and needs, we will work with you to design the optimal approach.

It all begins with a conversation.

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