Data Management Services

How do inventory levels for these 5 product categories impact revenue, repeat purchases and incentive redemption among our female consumers, ages 25-34 in the New York metro market area?

How does this compare to our other regions?
How does this compare across demographics within region?
What if we change the measurement criteria?
How will this impact performance?


The questions are endless.  The possibilities are without limit.  The insight is without precedent.

Before FeedbackPayback, the answers to the above questions – if they could be realistically asked at all – were based on fractional insight into customer mindset, synthesized with operational performance data.

For Example:

Sales are increasing in New York for these 5 categories, let’s increase inventory to meet expected demand.


  • But when demand differs from projection, will you know why?

How would your results transform if you understood the deeper meaning behind the initial increase in these 5 categories in this market area, then made decisions that were fully in sync with the customer sentiment driving these increases?

Sales are decreasing in Chicago for these 3 categories, let’s decrease inventory and shift resources elsewhere.


  • But what’s the consumer sentiment driving this downturn?

If you understood why this was happening, you might determine that the optimal decision would be to increase investment in these categories in this market – or that some previously unknown element was driving this downturn – and by decreasing inventory and shifting resources elsewhere, you will do significant long-term damage to your revenue stream in this region.

Revenue is stagnating at these 2 stores San Francisco, but increasing at 3 stores in San Diego.  Let’s close the San Francisco units and capitalize on our investment in other regions.


  • Sure, performance tells one story – and results are all that matters.  However, trying to divine insight into the ‘why’ from the ‘what’ is at best reactionary… and doomed to leave a company steps behind – and out of step – with their consumers.

With FeedbackPayback’s Data Management Services, the depth and value of your answers are limited only by the questions you can ask.

In other words, there is no limit to how you can slice, dice, pivot, parse and view your consumer feedback data.

Beginning with an infinite array of survey methodologies – you are in complete control of survey design, duration and consumer incentives – we will work with you to architect the lens through which you gather customer feedback.

As your consumer feedback begins to filter through, you gain instant and ongoing access to what your consumers think, how they feel and if they will return.

We then help you take this firehose of consumer feedback and turn it into insight.

Using your Feedback Data Management dashboard, you will gain access to our entire suite of intelligence tools for viewing, analyzing and managing your customer feedback across a series of metrics which you define, you control and you can change.

In the future, you will have the opportunity to gain access to the entire network of feedback which we accumulate from our entire merchant customer base

This will enable you to view feedback by demographic… across category… across industry… across region…

All sorted by feedback.


Real feedback.
In Store
Not posted online.
Direct to the merchant
At your fingertips

But for now, we’ll start with the universe at your doorstep: your consumers and their feedback.